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Dr. Staci Emerson
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Fourteen years ago, a very special patient of mine came to her session with disturbing news. We’d spent the past year working on issues in her marriage and her conflict in her career and overall existential depression. On this particular day, she reported that breast cancer had returned, though it had been in remission for over 10 years. On this day, I decided to become an expert in the psychological components of cancer. I learned about cancer treatments, in terms of oncology and about how treatments affect a person, psychically, emotionally and chemically. The journey of re-education lead me into naturopathy, meditation, and hypnosis training, both of which have been proven vital in dealing with any disease. I have always and continue to maintain that regular, specified exercise routines are essential to healing disease, coping with the side-effects, and preventing future illnesses.

I’ve come to understand that cancer affects each individual differently. In some, there is a process of deep depression and grief. This is normal, but I help them channel this experience into a reconciliation of existential needs and strivings. In other words, Cancer often gives people the courage to take risks in living that they wouldn’t otherwise have taken. It brings out a sort of “what do I have to loose. It’s a now or never” attitude. But dealing with the side-effects of chemotherapy, surgery and reconstructive surgery, employment stress and unemployment, insurance and financial stress, sexual issues, parenting and family difficulties, depression, and relationship issues can knock a person down.

The “C” word often has the effect of repulsing others, not because they believe Cancer is contagious or because they don’t care. I believe others care tremendously, but for one problem……they don’t want to face their own mortality and the issue of Cancer brings it up for all of us. What’s worse is that some doctors don’t want to face their own mortality (in fact, they hide behind their doctorhood in order to evade the reality that they too are human and perishable), so the very people you turn to for offer wisdom and guidance haven’t journeyed far enough into their own fears to be able to offer anything emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually authentic.

I decided many years ago to surrender to my own fears and to discipline myself to being human so that I could truly be “with” my patients. Conversations are not always easy, but they are truthful, authentic and healing. Much of our work is to learn to travel to the deepest chasms of your heart, sinking deeply into your humanness, so that you can emerge a lighter and more enlightened person. Sessions often include tears, rage and laughter – sometimes all at the same time. It’s not for the faint at heart, but it will bring out the best in you, wherever you started from.

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