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Dr. Staci Emerson
Dr. Staci Emerson
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Issue Related to Death and Dying

I work with chronically and terminally ill individuals and their families, as a midwife to all of the issues that arise expected and unexpected during the end of life. Many people don’t think about their deaths or the complex issues that come with it. I help individuals who want to die with full consciousness, savoring every aspect of their precious life minutes. I also help their families and friends to deal consciously with the process of death and the grieving that comes both before and after the loss. Death is an unpleasant and unfathomable experiences that we all go through. With decades of experience, grace, compassion and wisdom, I show people how to live fully through their death experience.

In addition to empowering people to engage consciously in their lives to the last minutes, I also specialize in complicated grief. Complicated grief is what happens when life doesn’t cooperate with our needs and wishes and when we have “complications” in our relationships that make the dying process inordinately challenging and strange. Sometimes this happen when a person is diagnosed with a terminal illness long before they planned to be sick. This can create a tremendous amount of unbearable consequences for them and their loved ones. Sometimes this happens when a parent dies before their children are old enough to capably navigate the grieving process. Sometimes complicated grief happens when a child dies. This experience is the strangest and most challenging, in my observation. Sometimes grief becomes particularly tricky to navigate when a person dies when conflicts go unresolved and settled in close relationships. My specialty is in working with individuals to make sense of these insensible experiences and no only learn to survive them, but to live more fully because of them. As offensive as grief can sometimes make it seem, it’s possible to live again and even to experience joy and fullness, despite never letting go of the sadness and loss. If this is you, I can help.

Finally, I am a professor of graduate level psychology at Antioch University. I teach numerous classes in traditional psychology, but I also teach classes and workshops in Death, Dying and Grief. This is a subject that I am not only comfortable with, but I always feel privileged to be witness to the death process and to impart the wisdom and beauty that transpires to new therapist and to anyone who wants to live more vibrantly because of their courage to face head-on the end of life issues we all are inevitable headed towards.

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