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Dr. Staci Emerson
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What is Holistic Psychotherapy?

Not all therapists, or even psychologists, are alike. In fact, we’re as different as people can be different. All psychologists go to years and years of school. We take classes in psychology and philosophy and those of us with a Ph.D. usually write a dissertation, which is usually the book that results from several years of research in a chosen area. In addition, most clinical psychologists have years of experience working with different populations of people, such as the elderly or children. But most clinical psychologists choose an area of interest, such as ADHD, and a particular framework, such as psychoanalysis, and develop a “specialty”.

I’ve been practicing for about 23 years now. I started out seeing children and adults and specializing in depression and anxiety. Then, I grew up as a therapist and as a human being and realized that doing psychotherapy is more like painting on an empty canvas than like completing a dot-to-dot puzzle. I don’t see people in terms of diagnosis codes, prognosis, or populations. I find these categories helpful only on rare occasion. I see people as being very similar to one another in our core operating principals and physiological dynamics. Though I also understand how unique we each feel in our experiences and perspectives and I believe it’s important to not only recognize pain and dysfunction in individuals, but also to discern with accuracy and efficiency the underlying causes and factors playing out in a person’s process of living. Sometimes these symptoms, causes, and factors fit neatly into diagnostic categories and textbook treatment approaches, but more often they don’t. Because of my philosophy about psychology and about human beings, I’ve developed a style of working outside the box that consists of approaching problems with multidimensional interventions to help people find their answers in order to evolve in their perspectives and habits of functioning.

I’ve known many people who suffer with eating disorders who are very similar to people who suffer with social anxiety who are similar to people with broken hearts who are similar to people who are struggling to find happiness in relationships who are similar to people who are wrestling their own demons around self-esteem and creativity. Pain is pain, and even though the reasons for the pain vary, the cures are often similar. So, I practice holistic psychotherapy. It’s a multi-faceted approach that takes into account a person’s psychology, biology, and spirituality as these facets dramatically influence your ability to be well and happy.

Sometimes, it’ll seem like we’re just having a conversation, sometimes I utilize hypnosis, sometimes I’ll conduct an analysis of your nutrition and physical health. Sometimes, I may suggest a physical prescription, like yoga or swimming. I may teach you mediation, guided imagery and other stress-reducing techniques. I may teach you creative psychological or physical exercises. We may discuss homeopathic remedies, such as vitamins, supplements and herbs, as well as alternative treatments. I may ask you to read and/or keep a journal. Overall, we will create a multi-dimensional healing approach that will fit your personality and needs and will produce a plan for lasting change and healing.

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