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Support of Pregancy-Related Issues

While the exact incidence of depression among pregnant and recently pregnant women is unknown, it is the most common complication of pregnancy and during the first year after giving birth. It’s not easy to diagnose because the symptoms occur in almost all pregnant women –tiredness, sleep disruption, changes in weight and appetite, headaches, fluctuating emotions, feelings of guilt and anxiety, difficulty remembering, withdrawal from usual social activities, drop in libido. I don’t know of a pregnant woman or one who has a baby under a year old who doesn’t have these symptoms!

So, depression can often go unrecognized and untreated and the results of this neglect can be devastating not only to the woman but also to her entire family who will feel the effects of her pain. Women who suffer from depression while pregnant have a much higher incidence of giving birth to an underweight or premature baby. Infants of depressed mothers have been found to show delays in language development, have disruptions in emotional bonding and experience difficulties with sleeping, eating and other behaviors associated with thriving. This is usually when a nasty cycle occurs – Mom doesn’t recognize or get help for her depression so she suffers – her baby’s development suffers – Mom feels tremendous anxiety and guilt and other negative feelings about it – Mom gets increasingly more depressed and the ripple effect goes on and on, often into the baby’s childhood.

In addition to the mom and baby suffering the effects of depression, the woman’s spouse/partner and other children also suffer and the effects can cause marital distress and disintegration and behavioral and emotional problems in other children. It’s a horrible cycle.

As a mother of two boys, one who suffered with pretty extreme colic, I have tremendous compassion for how challenging pregnancy, motherhood, and managing the rest of life can be. As a doctor, I know how to help. I understand the underlying causes and can expertly help you properly diagnose your situation. At that point, I know how to help you make it all better. Really. I practice a multi-faceted approach to healing depression. It works with all people and can be particularly tailored to moms. Pregnancy-related depression can be devastating or it can be an experience that draws you deeper into the awareness of your own feminine power, your body’s ability to heal itself, and of how to find happiness and meaning in motherhood and in the rest of your life.

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