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Dr. Staci Emerson
Dr. Staci Emerson
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Survivors of Abuse

I began working with people who survived abuse 20 years ago when I worked as a counselor in a group home for children and adolescents who suffered physical, emotional and ritual abuse. Working with these kids made me realize that I needed A LOT more training if I was going to be able to really help people who survived unspeakable acts of inhuman abuse.

After finishing my first Masters degree in psychology, I worked at Las Encinas hospital in Pasadena with both inpatients and outpatients who experienced significant PTSD and other disorders, such as body image and eating disorders, anxiety disorders, major depression and dissociative identity disorders largely due to the abuse they suffered as children and often as adults. During my years in this hospital setting, I served as an individual therapist and facilitated numerous therapy groups. Since leaving the hospital setting, I have continued my practice with hundreds of individuals who suffered ritual abuse inside and outside of church settings, who were abused as children and adults by the priests and other church officials. I’ve also worked with people who suffered rape and incest. In addition to working with the psychological aspect of abuse, I endeavored myself to complete a Masters degree in Theology in order to competently address the spiritual damage arising from abuse experiences. Here, I focused my study and practice on people who are abused and/or marginalized by the mainstream church. I then continued on to achieve a Doctoral degree in Psychology, developing methods for helping abuse survivors beyond what traditional therapy offers.

Throughout my career, I have remained active among church settings, such as the Los Angeles and San Bernardino Archdiocese and major Los Angeles area churches, advocating for victims both to be treated fairly within the church if they choose to remain, to receive therapy to address the aftermath of the abuse, as well as to be acknowledged and believed by their abusers whenever it is appropriate and possible. Because of my diplomatic manner of advocacy, I remain a highly sought-after practitioner.

I practice traditional Psychotherapy, as well as Hypnosis and Spiritual Direction, to address the symptoms and disorders that result from abusive experiences. My philosophy in working with abuse survivors is that life is progressing even when you’re stuck. If you’ve already had some of yours taken from you by a perpetrator, I will help you make sure the rest of it will be lived fully, without fear and rage that will hold you in your own personal hell if you let it. You are incredibly resilient, even if you don’t know it yet. Your capacity to heal and live fully is tremendous and I will help you find it.

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