"We must be the change we want to see in the world." -- Gandhi

Dr. Staci Emerson
Dr. Staci Emerson
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What To Expect

During my training, I participated in my own psychotherapy. I know what it’s like to sit on the couch. I know how difficult it can be to trust someone with your deepest troubles, insecurities and fears. I know how difficult it can be to maintain a steady moment of introspection and then to implement changes based on what you see. My goal is to make this arduous task as user friendly as possible. I’m down-to-earth and easy to talk to. I practice a form of analytic psychotherapy called intersubjectivity and blend it with some concrete cognitive-behavioral tools. I also use hypnosis in my work whenever we decide it would be helpful and I find it to be very beneficial in achieving results faster. I approach our work together with seriousness and spend a good deal of my time away from the office researching the latest studies and current practices. But sessions with me will look like a friendly conversation. There’s usually at least as much laughing as there is crying in a session, as I believe laughter is vital to all healing. I will push you to work because that’s why you’ve come to therapy, but you will be surprised at how painless the work can be when you’re doing it in a respectful and supportive environment.

Your First Session

Your first session is usually about 60 minutes. During this session, I’ll ask you questions regarding the symptoms that are troubling you and other items that I think may give me clues as to what’s wrong. This time is specifically for us to get to know one another, determine whether we’re a good fit and determine a course of action. On occasion, this session is continued to an additional session, but most of the time I can tell you whether I think therapy with me would be helpful for you and I can give you a sense of how much therapy is necessary to meet your treatment goals.

Subsequent Sessions

Subsequent sessions are usually 45 minutes. I try to run my schedule on time, but please understand that therapy is not always predictable and I sometimes choose to extend sessions slightly in order for us to finish whatever item we’re working on. Regardless, your session will never be less than 45 minutes, unless you arrive really late. Sometimes I’ll offer particular interventions during a session that go beyond conversation, such as hypnosis, guided imagery, nutritional analysis, or constructing action plans. The form of a session varies because I provide different forms of help depending on the unique needs of each person. Even if you know nothing about psychotherapy, you’ll be able to help me to decide what would be most helpful during your sessions. The cooperative process works most efficiently and is most enjoyable that way.

At home or work

If you need me in between sessions, you can call or email or text me. I’m accessible. You can expect me to call you back and I am happy to talk with you. Therapy continues in between sessions and I expect you to reach out if you hit a road block, experience questions or simply want to share a victory with me. I don’t usually charge for these contacts, unless they go beyond 15 minutes, are frequent and we discuss it ahead of time.

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