"We must be the change we want to see in the world." -- Gandhi

Dr. Staci Emerson
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Who Am I?

I’ve been a licensed psychologist for 18 years. I earned my Ph.D. from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, California. I graduated at the top of my class and won the school’s highest fellowship for my clinical work throughout graduate school in various settings, organizational and teaching leadership within the program and community, and my creative dissertation research which addressed healing shame and the resulting violence in adolescent boys and their relationships. My work was received with distinguished honors, I was invited to present it at the American Psychological Association national convention, and it was published to be used in high schools and juvenile programs throughout the country. I also hold a Master’s degree in psychology and another Master’s degree in comparative theology specializing in anthropology of marginalized people. I received my B.A. from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where I graduated at the top of my class (Summa Cum Laude) with highest honors and where I was a part of a team conducting the first social psychological research on HIV and AIDS in the world. In addition to my training in psychology, I have additional post-graduate training in Hypnosis and Naturopathy and I blend both disciplines with people as I believe that approaching issues from multiple angles produces faster and well-embedded healing.

My forte is wisdom and clarity under fire. From assisting corporate executives in handling internal conflicts with effectiveness and discretion, to consulting on multilayer projects and negotiations spanning continents and diversely interested parties, to mediating divorcing couples and adoptions, to surrogacy of parenting troubled adolescents, to interacting in judicial situations between victims and perpetrators, to performing screens and psych evaluations for prospective intelligence clearances and fitness to serve for clergy, law enforcement professionals and teachers, to handling crises within schools, families and corporations, to leading people in the process of death with grace and courage. I also teach graduate school as an adjunct professor and regularly give talks in various organizational settings. I am at home in front of an audience and hope that I have a unique gift for connecting with eager and curious minds.

In my clinical practice, I specialize in treating depression and anxiety disorders in adults, adolescents and children. I work from an existential paradigm and use a variety of treatment methods that range from traditional to unconventional, entirely customized to each individual.

I work within the halls of degenerative and terminal illnesses. Many people don’t think ahead about their deaths or the complex issues that come with it. I help people die with consciousness, savoring every aspect of their precious life minutes. I also help families and friends deal with the process of death and complex grief. Death is an unpleasant and unfathomable experience for us all. With decades of experience and wisdom, I show people how to live fully through their death experience.

Much of my practice involves working with people who cope with addictions of all sorts, not just drugs and alcohol. I regularly employ hypnosis sessions for issues such as weight loss, smoking cessation, gambling, obsessive compulsive problems, and love addictions. I see these addictions as solvable problems, not long-term diseases. I do not define people by their addictions and encourage them to look further than their problematic behaviors to understand themselves and their worlds.

I have 24 years of training and experience working with individuals who suffered abuse as children. I worked for many years in an inpatient and partial inpatient treatment facility with this population and have a deep understanding of the struggles that can result from growing up in an unsafe, oppressive and/or abusive environment.

I have specialized training and three decades of experience working with adolescents, including areas of semi-normal development to full-blown childhood disorders.

Finally, I’ve specialized for many years in helping creative individuals, such as inventors and scientists, actors, writers, musicians, artists in their struggles with their art and with the complications of life that inform their art. I have a unique understanding of the compulsions, joys and sometimes tortures of creating, whether you do it for a living or not.

I consider myself a graduate student of life these days. I’m always reading and connecting with other professionals to increase my knowledge base. And truthfully, the people I am lucky to work with teach me about being a doctor each new day. I make it a point to have experiences outside the academic and clinical world. Listening and connecting with you on an interpersonal level is more important than cramming you full of facts. I’ve been told for many years that I am easy to talk with and unique among therapists and an effective instructor/teacher. My patients really like me and I really like them. I don’t underestimate the importance of this factor.

I believe all healing and human advancement comes from consciousness and the mind body connection and I practice what I preach. You'll find me swimming, cycling, running, hiking, dancing or practicing yoga. As much as I love being a psychologist, I love writing, photography, poetry, cooking, reading and going to movies just as well. But probably my biggest passion is music. I make time to listen to good music every day.

310.225.5220  •   DrEmerson@Yahoo.com